Tim Tebow Returns

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Tim Tebow Returns

 This is for all you Tim Tebow fans.  Wasn't the Friday night (Aug. 9) Patriots game great?  Tim Tebow returned in style.  He led the Patriots to a touchdown during his second set of downs.  Tebow also rushed for 31 yards.  It was so gratifying to see Tebow's talents in action.  When he was rushing, it took at least 5 defenders to take him down.  I noticed that some commentators criticized Tebow for holding onto the ball for too long.  But of course the answer to that is that there were  no turnovers.  And the criticism of his passing percentage does not take into account all the rushing yards he gains. 

All of us Tebow fans are appreciative to Bill Belichick (a Nantucketer) for giving Tebow a much deserved chance to continue playing quarterback in the NFL.  The guy is a winner, and has always been wherever he plays.


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