Tebow's Team Wins Again

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Tebow's Team Wins Again

Tim Tebow's Patriots won again last night (Aug. 16).  All you Tebow fans should feel good about that.  And Tebow played for almost the full second half.  Now the commentators still continue to denigrate Tebow.  But, let's face it, Tebow is a winner.  He had 30 yards on 6 carries, an average of 5 yards per carry, and a long run of 12 yards. So he was doing his job.  And Bill Belichick ( a Nantucketer) is a stand-up guy.  Belichick brought Tebow to the Patriots this year, and he has given Tebow a real opportunity to play.  Tebow is grateful, as he should be, and what better mentor to have than Tom Brady.  I cannot begin to say how exciting it is for us Tebow fans to see Tebow in action once again.  As long as the Patriots keep winning, we are all hopeful that Belichick will continue to let Tebow be a part of this great team.  We are all confident that Tebow is going to get even better as the season continues.

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