Sconset Beach Preservation Fund Appeals to MA Department of Environmental Protection

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Sconset Beach Preservation Fund Appeals to MA Department of Environmental Protection
Sconset Bluff photo by Rob Benchley

The Siasconset Beach Preservation Fund (SBPF) filed an appeal with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection requesting that they overturn the Conservation Commission’s recent denial of our permit application for the emergency geotube system installed this winter.  We believe that this geotube system is critical to limiting the impacts of erosion on Baxter Road and the surrounding homes and look forward to a fair evaluation of our application by the DEP. 
The appeal (which can be found on our website at  outlines the merits of our case and provides extensive supporting documentation from experts in the industry.  In particular, it highlights the ways in which the ConCom’s decision directly contradicts previous findings by both the DEP and the ConCom.  In addition, it offers detailed evidence that their evaluation of the current geotube system is not supported by expert evidence or the facts. 
While we remain disappointed by the ConCom’s short-sighted and unsubstantiated decision making process, we are confident that the SBPF and those who support our work have taken all appropriate steps to move forward with an erosion control system that is environmentally responsible, carried out collaboratively with the town, includes oversight and mitigation ensuring no harm to other beaches and helps Nantucket adapt to climate change and rising sea levels in a thoughtful way.
Thank you for your ongoing interest in this issue.  
Josh Posner
SBPF President 

'Sconset Beach Preservation Fund launches new website.
Please take a look at our new website, You will find it provides updated and useful information about our organization and the erosion control measures we have put in place. Please let us know what you think, we welcome your feedback.
You will also find us on Twitter @SconsetBeach

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