Nantucket's Right Whale History

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Nantucket's Right Whale History
Right whale

My name is Bob Hassold, and I currently live in Portsmouth, N.H.  In 1976, I built a home in Madaket and, over the years, have spent much quality time on the island.  My son now has a home on the island and continues our family traditions of boating, fishing, and enjoying the beaches, shops and restaurants.

Recently I read an article in our local Portsmouth newspaper relating to an important part of Nantucket's history. I met with the author, Kate Murray, and we agreed that the people of Nantucket should participate in a conservation program of some kind specifically aimed at the right whale population. This could be spearheaded by the Whaling Museum and aimed at both residents and visitors.

It is important to remember that the whaling industry is what made Nantucket what it is today.

An effort involving Islanders would certainly close the loop in the Nantucket Whaling history.

Here is Kate's article:


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