Nantucket loses a great lady

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Nantucket loses a great lady
EJ and Robin Harvey

Nantucketers are saddened today by the tragic death of Robin Harvey.  Having recovered from being hit by a truck while bicycling over two years ago, she was hit and killed by a car while jogging last evening at the intersection of Milestone and Polpis Roads.

Robin and her husband EJ own the Sea Grille restaurant.  She was a tireless volunteer, kind supporter, organizer, coach, inspiration and friend to so many here.  She will be missed and remembered for years to come.

[Photo credit:  Nantucket Cottage Hospital]

Jeff bump (not verified)

God bless and may she rest in piece.

Theresa Davis (not verified)
I'm so so sorry for the

I'm so so sorry for the passing of Robin. One great Lady! My thoughts and prayers to all the family.

maureen Johnson (not verified)
Robin Harvey

I remember meeting Robin at the Sea Grille, one afternoon, Robin was an inspiration to all.

Joanne Perry (not verified)
Nantucket Loses a Great Lady

We are so sorry to hear about Robyn. All of our sympathy and prayers to the Harvey family and friends. May you find comfort in your faith and memories.

Jennifet Pask (not verified)
I' am so devastated and so

I' am so devastated and so sorry for the Harvey's loss...No words!

Rose Marie Samuels (not verified)
What sadness,

I met Robin and EJ years ago while working as the assistant manager., such wonderful caring people.Robin will be gravely missed. To EJ and the rest of the family may you find peace and comfort knowing that as a community we pray with you and share your grief. Earth's loss is heavens gain. Rest In
Peace my dear..

carol gates (not verified)
So very sorry to hear about

So very sorry to hear about Robin. She was a special person and will be greatly missed.

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