Irish Rambles are coming!

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Irish Rambles are coming!
Irish culture

St. Patrick’s Day commemorations have become as much an American as an Irish celebration.  Here on Nantucket, the young single Irish newcomers of the late 80s and early 90s have married, become US citizens, and had children.  These families have become an integral part of the Nantucket community.

In hopes that the ancient Irish cultural traditions be celebrated and enjoyed by their children and the entire community, a group was formed to promote this mission. The late Henry Varian, a well-loved and popular Irishman in the community was chosen for this depiction and as a symbol to represent this intention.  This celebration was shaped as a way to honor the man himself and recognize the survival of Irish culture in a thoroughly Irish manner.

“IRISH RAMBLES” March 5th -17th including Ceili dancing, Irish music, history, storytelling and cooking will be an exciting and fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the island.  Here's the complete list:

March 5, Saturday, 4pm:  Ceili On! @The Muse.  A free fun family day of Irish dance instruction and Irish music.  

March 12, Saturday, 7pm:  Roving with O'Rourke @The Chicken Box.  Tickets $20 at the door.

March 13, Sunday, 3 - 5pm: Irish History, Music and Dance @The Atheneum. Free.

March 14, Monday, 3pm:  Storytelling @Bookworks.  Free.

March 15, Tuesday, 6pm  Simple Irish Food, "How me ma taught me," with John Keane @Culinary Table.  Tickets at

March 16, Wednesday, 1pm.  Afternoon Tea and Movie, showing Irish Rose Maureen O'Hara in Only the Lonely @The Nantucket Hotel, for 50 and older


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