An Adventure to Vancouver Island

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An Adventure to Vancouver Island
Jonathan Nimerfroh

Discover beautiful Vancouver Island through the eyes of Nantucket Photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh on Thursday, December 10th at 6 pm at Starlight Theatre and Café, as he shares stunning images from his recent adventure.

Jonathan’s journey took him over 3,500 miles to Vancouver Island, reachable only by ferry from the busy Canadian city of Vancouver.  Once there, Jonathan drove three hours along twisting, mountainous roads to the quiet village of Tofino, a funky surf community that is also home to sky-high hemlock, brown bears and river-spawning Salmon.  It was here that Jonathan explored Pacific Rim National Park, surfed coal-black northern-pacific swells and kayaked to outer islands alongside barking river otters.  Jonathan’s photos reveal a remote place of stark beauty, a tempestuous wildness of adventure and unchartered land. 

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