2015 Beach Erosion Forum at Westmoor Club May 8 & 9, Free Admission

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2015 Beach Erosion Forum at Westmoor Club May 8 & 9, Free Admission

This year's forum on beach erosion will take place Friday evening, May 8 and Saturday morning, May 9 at the Clubhouse of the Westmoor Club.

Friday evening's speakers will cover the science of beach erosion -- why it is changing, how it affects different locations, and the impact of erosion control measures.

Speakers for this session include Rob Young, director of the Center for the Study of the Developed Shoreline at Duke and Western Carolina, and author of "The Rising Sea;" Cornelia Dean, author of "Against The Tide: The Battle to Save America's Beaches" and former science editor of the New York Times; and Rob Thieler, principal investigator at the USGS Woods Hole Science Center. This panel discussion runs from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Speakers at the Saturday morning panel (10:00 am to Noon) include Emily MacKinnon, Resource Ecologist at the Nantucket Land Council, Julia Knisel of the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management; Jim O'Connell, who is a consultant to government and private organizations; and Art Gasbarro, who has worked on erosion control projects throughout the region. John Daniel of Maria Mitchell and Allen Reinhard of the Land Bank will discuss the innovative land swap which removed two structures from the Nantucket shoreline.
Admission is free for both sessions. All are welcome. Bring your questions and comments.

The Nantucket Forum on Beach Erosion is the latest event in a series sponsored by the Nantucket Coastal Conservancy. The previous event was the screening on "Shored Up."

John Merson

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