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44 Monomoy Road facing the harbor.

Purchase of the Week: 44 Monomoy Road

Guest cottage
The neighborhood.

By the Numbers

Address: 44 Monomoy Road

Acres: 1.2 acres.

Structure(s): Main house, guest house, garage apartment, shed.

Seller: Rita Lee Mignosa, Trustee of the Rita Lee Mignosa Nominee Trust, of Nantucket, Mass.

Buyer: William Siderewicz and Christine Kinney of Manchester, Mass.

Price: $10,250,000.

Value: $8,744,300.

Details: A Depression Era house built in 1930, this two-story colonial house has a commanding view of Nantucket Harbor and the town. There's a spacious lawn and access to the property both from Monomoy Road and Berkeley Avenue.

Information courtesy:  NAREB/Nantucket Property News and the Town of Nantucket