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14 Darling St. from Pine Street.

Purchase of the Week: 14 Darling St.

The whole house.
The neighborhood.

By the Numbers

Address: 14 Darling St.

Acres: .05 of an acre.

Structure(s): Main house.

Seller: Fourteen Darling, LLC of Dover, Mass.

Buyer: Fair to Darling, LLC of Hingham, Mass.

Price: $2,295,000.

Value: $2,048,400.

Details: Located on the corner of a narrow, one-way street and an even narrower street Pine Street and Darling Street, respectively, this house is not at a busy intersection. On the contrary, it's in the middle of a section of the Nantucket Old Historic District through which people love to walk to look at the historic structures and quaint, expertly manicured backyards and gardens. Oh yeah, and then there's bit about about being five, ten minutes' walk from downtown. Also, this house and its tiny lot sold in September 2014 for $2,200,000 and were valued at $1,474,300.

Information courtesy:  NAREB/Nantucket Property News and the Town of Nantucket