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The wharf cottage with the tall chimney and the flag is 8 Old North Wharf.

Purchase of the Week: 8 Old North Wharf

From Old North Wharf.
The neighborhood.

By the Numbers

Address: 8 Old North Wharf.

Acres: .02 of an acre.

Structure(s): Main house.

Seller: John P. Dunfey, Trustee of John P. Dunfey, of Boston, Mass.

Buyer: Harvey C. Jones, Jr., Trustee of Eight Old North Wharf Nominee Trust, of San Francisco, Calif.

Price: $3,975,000.

Value: $3,594,900.

Details: A wharf cottage. That about says it all, but in case the photos of this two-story gem with covered decks on the first and second floors overlooking Easy Street Basin aren't enough for you, here are a few more less obvious amenities. Smelling distance from Provisions, maker of the Turkey Terrific Sandwich, A five-minute radius of downtown Nantucket pleasures including the Dreamland Theatre, the Juice Bar, the Nautilus Restaurant, the Steamship Authority and Stubby's.

Information courtesy:  NAREB/Nantucket Property News and the Town of Nantucket