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42 Nonantum Ave.

Purchase of the Week: 42 Nonantum Ave.

East side of 42 Nonantum Ave.
That amazing ocean view..
The neighborhood.

By the Numbers

Address: 42 Nonantum Ave.

Acres: .23 of an acre.

Structure(s): Main house.

Seller: Bruce D. Miller and Jeanne C. Miller of Nantucket, Mass.

Buyer: Jon S. Reynertson as trustee of The 42 Nonantum Realty Trust of Darien, Conn.

Price: $2,925,500.

Value: $1,772,900.

Details:. Yes, it's a beautiful house with a one-car garage, spacious lawn and a second-floor deck with a first-floor deck below, but it's what can be seen from that second-floor deck that makes this house special. The ocean is right across Nonantum Avenue less than tweo minutes' walk. You can hear waves breaking on the beach, gulls calling and smell that ocean smell as if you were cooking it up in the kitchen.

Information courtesy:  NAREB/Nantucket Property News and the Town of Nantucket