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34 Pocomo Road, main house.

Purchase of the Week: 34 Pocomo Road

Garage apartment.
Guest house and pool
The neighborhood.

By the Numbers

Address: 34 Pocomo Road

Acres: 2.9 acres

Structure(s): Main house, shed, two-car garage/apartment, guesthouse and pool.

Seller: 34 Pocomo Road, LLC of Los Altos Hills, Calif. 

Buyer: Scott V. Booth of New York City, N.Y. 

Price: $4,100,000.

Value: $2,784,500.

Details: Out of town and within walking or cycling distance of Pocomo Point, Squam Swamp, Wauwinet and the beaches beyond, this small compound is a great escape from the congested portion of the island. Plenty of guest space, a pool and a decent size grounds make 34 Pocomo Road an extraordinary property to get away to. Conservation land including Medouie Creek and Pocomo Meadows, Coatue and parts of Polpis Harbor are nearby as well.

Information courtesy: NAREB/Nantucket Property News and the Town of Nantucket.