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You see a dense thicket of invasive species at 148 Surfside Road, I see gold!

Purchase of the Week: 148 Surfside Road

By the Numbers

Address: 148 Surfside Road.

Acres: 1.5 acres.

Structure(s): Vacant lot.

Seller: Lisa Terry Hart of Henderson, Nev. and Julie W. Spigelmyre of Petersburg, Ak.

Buyer: MEKT, LLC of Nantucket, Mass.

Price: $1,000,000.

Value: $743,000.

Details: Vacant, developable land on Nantucket is at a premium right now and anyone who owns property on the island with no structures already on it is lucky. Luckier still if the land is a short walk from the Atlantic Ocean and the beach, as this lot is. Also within reach are the best cheeseburgers on the island at the Surfside Beach concession stand, the Star of the Sea Youth Hostel and Nobadeer and Fishermen's beaches. Even only a tent platform is erected on this land, the owners already have a great location.

Information courtesy:  NAREB/Nantucket Property News and the Town of Nantucket