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A New Year's Eve Resolution

Turns out, the last thing I wanted to do was watch the ball drop.


One of the blogs I follow on Facebook posted a status on New Year's Eve saying something like "On this New Year's Eve, whatever you do, don't watch New Year's Eve on TV."

That got me thinking. New Year's seems to me a "ho-hum" type of holiday for most people, and besides the many resolutions that come with the date, it is really no different than your average Friday night out on the town, save the midnight countdown and a toast. As such, I was tempted to stay home this past Tuesday night bringing in the new year with a book or a movie on Netflix.

While those activities certainly have their place in my life, that post on Facebook got me thinking that this NYE was at the very least an opportunity to have some fun and make some memories with my friends and family.

Shortly after deciding to spend my night out on the town, I was given tickets to the Nantucket Hotel's Black and White Ball and was excited to go. The day's festivities began with a late bagged lunch at the Cisco Brewery with family and friends, enjoying a couple pints of their excellent barley wine. After early evening cocktails it was off to the Nantucket Hotel.

To start, I have to say that I severely underestimated the dress code. While following the black and white theme to a tee, my date and I were stood out among the the tuxedos and ball gowns in our smart-casual garb. We didn't let it bother us, however, and proceeded to greet several friends and sample some of the very tasty passed hors' d'oeuvresa. We were on the early side as we planned to defect to the Chicken Box in time for the midnight festivities there, and as such attendance was lite. No matter, the band was excellent and my date helped make the most of our time there by pulling me out onto the dance floor. I'm sure the night got exponentially  better from there, but we were content with our time and headed off before 11.

The Chicken Box was fairly empty as Perfect Day took the stage shortly after our arrival, but it wasn't long before it was packed, reminiscent of some summer weekends or the annual Halloween party. The rest of my night was spent traversing the ground between that locale and Kitty's, where a group of friends were ushering in 2014.

And with our midnight toast, I thought back to that seemingly insignificant Facebook post and was glad I began the new year not simply watching a ball drop on television, but spent it with those that I love. I plan to continue that practice this year.

What's in store for you this year? How'd you spend New Year's Eve? Did you enjoy the Black and White Ball? Let's talk about it in the comments.