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HOUSE ARREST Dance Party, Saturday Night!

Common Ground, the AudioArchitechs’ weekly Dance Parties is in full swing! 


What: House Music Dance Parties

When: Every Saturday night, June – September, 10 pm – 1 am

Where: The Muse


When asked about the 2012 Common Ground parties thus far, local DJ (WACK, 97.7), Sandy Walsh, shared her thoughts:


"As a former club and college radio DJ and current on-air island jock, I fantasize about owning a recording of Josh (aka the Witness) Witty's set from Night Two the 2012 Common Ground.  Prior to the show, I joked with Josh, 'Bet you can't keep me on the floor all night!'  Know what?  He did it - from 10:30 pm to 1 am, I danced non-stop!  Josh mixed sounds that traversed genres, known and unknown, building energy on the dance floor and never dropping the beats per minute.  I left needing more.  Night Three was just as good: DJ Willy LeMay. He has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid - underage with a 'fake ID' in hand - hitting the alternative dance clubs in Cambridge and Fenway's Landsdowne Street.  Saturday, June 16th, Willy proved once again that music can transport fans to those crazy times gone by, while captivating the fresh young ears, the majority of those at the muse last night, with classic acid house and new wave hits from the 80's and 90's.  New Order's “Blue Monday” never sounded so good.  It was obvious by the pumped up crowd in the house that LeMay won us all over (again)!”


What’s next, you ask?  Night Four (Saturday, June 23rd) is HOUSE ARREST, with Tonic and Lady V (otherwise known as Tony Camilo and Virna Gonzalez), who have been perfecting their set list all winter.  


A well-seasoned house DJ with over 20 years of experience at the turntables, Tony offers mixes that are a compilation of themes and moods. Seasoned with his own edits, mash ups and productions, trend has nothing to do with his selections!  (Tonic has a two-set CD of his newest compilations of downtempo beats called 'Reveries' that will be on sale that night. Check out a sample of his set on


As Lady V herself said, “I’m new on the block but have music in my soul and I branched out quickly.  My spin is a collective mix of house, progressive house and electric house amping up positive vibes with a clubby edge. It's a vibrant style and high energy so be prepared to sweat!  If you are looking for Top 40 mixes from either of us keep looking!”


Producer Pete Ahern says, “This party IS an after party so be there early! HOUSE ARREST - 10pm - The Muse - ankle monitors optional!”  Dancing at the Muse is only 3 hours and right from the 10pm start IT WILL BE PUMPING.... no need to show up after 11 thinking 'that's when it really starts' then you'll be missing over an hour of precious dance time.