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Moon with orange particulates

LivingLabs Students Poetry and Posters

The Nantucket Semester that began on January 21, 2013 is coming to a close.  Students are busily preparing posters and final presentations. Scientific Posters will be presented at the Nantucket Atheneum on April 17 from 3-5 PM and final presentations will be the next night April 18 from 5-8 PM in the Great Hall. On the 18th as part of the final presentations the Living Labs-Nantucket Semester will have copies of their poetry anthology, Veil of Particulates available for purchase.  The anthology is a collection of poems, several from each student, that examine Nantucket in relation to their field of scientific inquiry. 
Below is a poem from Connor McKay. You'll see the title within the third line of the poem and you'll get a taste of the kind of work you'll find within the rest of the book.

Len Germinara
Program Coordinator and Eco-Poetics Instructor
The Nantucket Semester
UMass Boston/Nantucket Field Station


Motivation, 27 Jan 13
Connor McKay

I saw the moon tonight...
Low in the sky, hovering above the horizontal water
orange with the veil of particulates suffocating
our planet. It was beautiful.
It was strange; It provoked me.
Why was it so beautiful?
In its shallow position in the sky, its street lamp luminosity.
What do you want from me?
What more can I do?
How do I make you, this moment, this experience significant?

I'm glancing between my page and the moon now,
high in the Aquarius sky.
It's shrunk
and its reflected light now penetrates the atmosphere
in its familiar, its eerie, its eternal cold white glow.
I glance to the street lamp outside my bedside window on Whalers Lane.
The image is a painting in a New England country boutique; in an old folks' homes.
This image is my life now.

I no longer despair for existence.
"The universe is finished." But,
my status is dynamic.
Keep moving, and bring friends.


I heard you poem referenced in a podcast recently and was moved by the last line "Keep moving, and bring friends". It so accurately describes so much in life in four simple words. Well written.

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