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The Bean - Dishin' It Out!

Fresh local made pastries
Lots of choices

I had the day off on Thursday and just happen to be in town when my tummy reminded me that it was lunch time. Now I never take lunch since I work about 50-60 hours a week.  Lunch is not in my vocabulary, but on this day, I thought, why not and where shall I go? Just as I was about to cross India Street on my way to the post office I looked up and saw the Bean sign. I forgot they had moved and had not been in to see the new digs.

Wow, it’s great. Fab location, great buzzing vibe inside, very busy and gosh, it was hot in there. They didn’t have any ac, but there was a fan. The store is spacious, easy to get around, and has a fabulous display of vintage coffee grinders and kettles perched on top of shelving lining the room.  I bellied up to their counter to better investigate one of the three chalk boards with their wide variety of choices. The list of sandwiches and the great names each one was given was inventive and creative. There was the Funghi, India Street, Tacchino, and Coatue among other tasty choices. Let’s take the Big O (roast beef, tomatoes, spinach, red onions, cheddar, mayo and horseradish.) You had me at cheddar, my father on the other hand would have said, you had me at horseradish.) Then there’s the Foggy Island (tuna caper salad with red onion, arugula, may and cheddar.) There we go with the cheddar. Cheddar is better on everything. I would love to know more on how they came up with the names. If anyone knows, please give me a shout out.

I opted for the Pollo (grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes, spinach, red onions and cheddar on a spinach wrap.) Yes, I had to order something with cheese. This diet that I have been on has required me to completely eliminate dairy. Since I recently got the official ok, “you can slow incorporate some cheese back into your diet”, I went for it quickly and chose the cheddar. Ok, I lied, I had had goat cheese the night before with fig spread on a thin cracker. Anyway, no one was around to say no.

The Bean also offer flatbreads, salads and soup along with a fabulous selection of mouthwatering fresh pastries and breakfast sandwiches. To top this lunch off, I chose a Frappuccino which as the server indicated had a shot of espresso, mocha and ice. I have to admit; I’m becoming a bit of a snob when it comes to my frozen coffee drinks. I get one whenever I can. The young girl who was making it seemed a bit unsure of what she was doing, but with the owner in the shop, I would think she would have asked for help if needed. She pulled out a big blender container, added a bit of this and a bit of that with ice and shoved it in the machine to whip up my frozen concoction on this very hot June day.  I couldn’t wait to sip this frosty treat with my sandwich. My name was called just as my stomach grumbled.

I took my little brown bag and sat in the quiet pocket park just next to The Bean. I don’t know how many times I have driven down India Street and seen people enjoying this little park and feeling a bit jealous that they had the time to sit and relax and here it was my turn. It was wonderful and peaceful as I unwrapped the wax paper as to what seemed to be a present. As I further unfolded the paper, surprise, a crisp, fresh, kosher, dill pickle! Ta da, I love, I mean really love dill pickles.

I looked at my little picnic I had set up on this teak bench in the park and thought “what do I have first.?” I was hungry, I went right for the sandwich. My first bite was suburb! The combination of flavors was amazing and I loved the bacon. Now as we know bacon makes everything better although I have to admit, I don’t quite understand bacon wrapped around filet mignon or even a scallop. Protein wrapped in protein, don’t get it, but heck, I’ll eat it. Now the sandwich, I love wraps, especially when they don’t have rice in them. Another thing I don’t understand. However, this wrap was really great, chicken perfectly cooked, tomatoes ripe, spinach, another great vegetable, red onions and of course, my fav, the cheddar cheese!

My Frappuccino was frosty cold, a bit on the watery side but great to share with the crunchy, tasty, fresh sandwich bundled in the spinach wrap. A perfect package of fresh flavors all around.

Wes Van Cott, owner of The Bean and Nantucket Coffee Roasters has been in business 20+ and going strong. His new location is in the heart of downtown Nantucket and produces more cups of coffee than anyone else in town.  The saying goes, in life make each moment count, as you sip that locally brewed cup of coffee hot or cold from The Bean, make each sip count.

Ratings: Atmosphere - 3 dishes, Service – 4 dishes, Food – 5 dishes

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