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Summer Gin & Tonic

Le Languedoc - Dishin' It Out

The Perfect Chopped Salad
Chicken Livers
Chicken & Pork Sausage
Bittersweet Chocolate Pot de Crème with Vanilla Bean Crème Anglaise
Sweet Inspirations Ice Cream Sundae

Le Languedoc, the name alone just rolls off your tongue and nothing has changed since they opened in 1976. This wonderful restaurant on Broad Street has a formal dining room on the upper two levels and a more casual atmosphere on the lower level which they call the Bistro. The Bistro is also extended to the patio.  

The blue and white checked tablecloths are timeless and an American Classic which add just enough charm and color to Bistro. We were offered a table under the blue and white striped awning on the edge of the patio near the building that abuts the Le Languedoc.  My dining companion which I shall refer to as DD, noticed the window next door was dirty, cluttered with card board boxes and a water cooler. I just would have preferred to look at something cleaner when dining at this lovely restaurant. They could have hidden this mess by a side wall of striped curtains, bamboo shoots or even vines. From someone who has decorated restaurants and worked in food and beverage industry for over 20 years, I am very critical with all the elements that create not only a good first impression, but hopefully a positive one for the customer. From the moment guest enters the property until they depart with full stomachs it is our responsibility in the customer service industry to guarantee a memorable experience. Therefore, I see everything. However, I do need to mention that the large fan cooling the stuffy July air on this humid evening was just what I needed to be able to enjoy an early dinner.

Our first server Alison, poured the water and then we were introduced to Camillo. Let’s just start by saying that he was fab, just fab! More on this later.

As you know by now, I’m to a big drinker, however, on this hot and I mean hot night and may I add long day at work, I deserved a Stella. What I really wanted was a fruity tropical frozen Pina colada or strawberry daiquiri, something to remind me of my wild college days, but Le Languedoc did not have a full bar. DD was in the mood for a mojito, but the bar tender let us know that they did not have a blender, they only offered what they call an old fashioned, old school, basic bar. I was fine with this knowing that at least I could get my Stella. Oh did I mention the music? It was timeless smooth classics and really set a good mood for this wonderful food and location.

I have to admit; my first course choice is always a no brainer when I dine at Le Languedoc. I automatically order the chopped salad. This is my all-time favorite salad at any restaurant on the entire island. It’s always fresh, always cold, always crisp ice berg lettuce is used and dressed perfectly. This special salad contains chopped tomatoes, chives, red onion, chunks of blue cheese in a creamy buttermilk dressing. This is truly the best salad on the planet. I hate to harp on this salad, but I have to mentioned that I love the texture of it, the combination of everything is absolutely perfect in my book. DD, my dinner companion also ordered this salad.

Camillo, our waiter in his distinct accent was extremely engaging, funny, personable and lively. Friendly without being obnoxious or pushy, I watched him as he gracefully bounced from one table to another taking drink and dinner orders as if he had been doing it for years and probably had. I then realized that he was waiting on the entire patio and there were six tables already seated. I wondered how he does it with a smile on his face every night, but he was great. He was helpful in describing the entrees and answering our questions and then took out orders.

DD ordered the chicken livers for her main course which was actually a first course and I did the same with the sausage. Let’s talk about the chicken livers first. I have never been a fan of liver, no matter what kind it is, it still does not tickle my fancy. Now for DD, this was her favorite. It was accompanied with apple smoked bacon, spinach, pine nuts and raisins. She loved it. I on the other hand chose the Boudin Blanc. This was a free range chicken and pork sausage with braised cabbage and grated horseradish. I eat a lot or sausage, organic chicken and kale sausage to be specific and I really like a variety of mustards with it, however in this situation the purple sweet vinegar slaw/sauerkraut was wonderful with the sausage. I still thought it needed a little spicy mustard or sauce on the plate to complete it. Even if it was more horseradish or a sprig of something green. Now while I was analyzing my plate as I need to do with every review, DD was enjoying her chicken livers. My mother loves chicken livers. I just don’t get it.

I liked that Camillo asked if he could remove a plate before doing it. Most wait staff just swoop in, but he was a gentleman and did it professionally. While he was clearing the plates, we were mesmerized by the lobster dishes passing us for the next table. The sound of excitement when those plates were placed in front of all four people was pure satisfaction and you would have thought they had won the lottery or gone to heaven. Well I guess any lobster dinner on Nantucket is heaven!

The dessert menu looked amazing and I’m going to list here all of the fabulous choices.

Sweet Inspirations Butter Crunch Sundae with Chocolate & Caramel Sauce, Vanilla Bean ice cream

Duo of custards: Classic crème brulee & Butterscotch Sea Salt Budion

Bittersweet Chocolate Pot de Crème with Vanilla Bean Crème Anglaise

Meyer Lemon Curd Tart with Blueberry Compote, Blackberry Mousse, Lemon Ricotta Drop Cookie

Black Raspberry Brioche Bread Pudding

We of course asked Camillo what was his favorite and ordered one sundae and since I knew I had more work to do at home and needed a little chocolate boost, I went for the Chocolate Pot de Crème. You know I can never understand why someone taught us that we had to have dinner first and then order dessert. Why can’t we just start backwards and order dessert first since we know deep in our stomach that we will enjoy this most of all of the entire meal? I mean you know you’re going to order it anyway, you know you’re going to love it, why do we have to wait for it as if it’s a reward for finishing our dinner? Just eat it first?

Soon and I mean soon after we ordered dessert it appeared and we both gasped! In front of me lie this sweet pot of warm dark chocolate and next to a miniature milk bottle of rich cream and trust me it’s not rocket science to know that you pour one onto the other for a delicious chocolate dessert. It was garnished with a fresh mint leaf and raspberries. Now the other dessert looked just as good. Also in a white crock pot was a small size ice cream sundae. I have had this before so I let my friend order this one, however, I just had to have a bite and when I did, I thought “Man, we need to order another one of those.” And I almost did until I went back to my pot of crème.

The Sweet Inspirations Sundae is the perfect combination of vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge and toffee crunch. Mmmmmm good!

Camillo also offered us coffee. I can’t remember when I was offered coffee by a waiter at a fine dining restaurant in the past three years. I have decided that it is standard procedure not to offer guests coffee in an effort to turn over the tables. So just let me say kudos to Camillo and the Le Languedoc for offering good service by not making us feel rushed to leave the table. Thank you. Le Languedoc has proven itself over and over to be one of the top Nantucket restaurants. Let’s all congratulate them on 40 years of success!

Ratings: Atmosphere – 4 dishes, Service – 5 dishes, Food – 5 dishes!

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