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Mini Caesar Salad in Parmesan cups

A Taste of Nantucket - Dishin' It Out

Chicken pot pies
Short rib taco
Seared Tuna on Wakame salad
Seafood ceviche

So this review will be a bit different than my others as I am going to give you the dish on a catering company, A Taste of Nantucket to be specific. You may not know this as a visitor or even someone that lives on Nantucket year round, but there are catered events going on every single night and especially on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays of every weekend throughout the summer. Sometimes, one must make an appearance at more than one party an evening and this can be a challenge for them, the host and the catering company. The invitations I was told come by mail, by email and some even hand delivered, but rarely by word of mouth. Many summer people are invited to at least one a weekend. I on the other hand have rarely received one of those golden tickets, but tonight was my lucky night. I was invited to a lovely home on Eel Point Road as a guest of a guest.

This beautiful property with a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean was still a breathtaking backdrop on this chilly July evening. The party was not going to be on the lawn, but inside the house. Mingling in between the living room and the kitchen, I became enthralled in the show being put on by the catering company. After saying hello to the hostess and a few people I actually knew I stood at one end of a long dining area open to the kitchen in clear sight of this constant production of A Taste of Nantucket and its staff as one beautiful appetizer after another was plated and pranced around the room. 

Chef Paul, or CP as the staff call him was assisted by Deb and then a woman who was clearly expediting every plate, making the final touches, arranging the flowers and perfect display of hors d’oeuvres. She then leaned over to a staff member while handing off a specific platter and explained what they were serving. I then watched as that server glided gracefully in and out of 100 + guests over a two-hour period offering this food from the Gods. From what I could count, there were about 8-10 staff. The bar had been strategically placed in a back hall due to the weather and so the wait staff were taking drink orders which I was thankful for as I didn’t want to leave my post, my perfect spot for spying.

There were more than a dozen appetizers parading around this party, each one offered to me by these very professional and well trained staff. I was able to take many photos and get a clear explanation of each hors d’oeuvre.

Brie Wontons with Pineapple marmalade – This was a mouthful of hot Brie deep fried in a puffy wonton which you could then choose to dip in a smooth, sweet pineapple marmalade. I’m not big on fried food, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of this interesting combination.

Five spiced seared tuna on seaweed salad and wasabi sprinkled with tiny seeds. A simple, but clean tasting, I’m sure the healthiest of all the choices, this was my favorite. Oh and it was served on a white Asian soup spoon!

Seafood ceviche in scallop shells, not my favorite, very pretty, but it had what I call stinky cabbage over the seafood.

Mushroom crostini – Now this is heaven. A wonderful smooth mushroom and cheese spread on top of a crostini and then heated. So that it melts all over the edges of the crostini.  I could have eaten a dozen of these. I am not kidding you.

Macaroni & Cheese balls – I couldn’t, they looked wonderful, but again fried and the calorie count would have sent me over the edge. However, my friend said they brought back great childhood memories. Really when you think about it, how many adults make macaroni and cheese anymore, it’s all for the kids. This was a grown up mac and cheese ball and one that everyone devoured quickly.

Caesar salad in a parmesan cup or crisp he called it. There were these little cups made of parmesan cheese and tiny strips of lettuce with Caesar dressing and itsy bitsy croutons. Lovely bite.

Mini burgers with blue cheese and caramelized onion. – who doesn’t like a burger with blue cheese melted on top? Even if the burger is no bigger than your thumb, this little bit packs a big punch for its size.

Short rib taco on a tortilla with salsa – Let’s just say there was a little fiesta going on in my mouth!

Duck confit with hoisin sauce on a crispy chip and micro greens – not a big fan of duck, quack, quack, but presentation was beautiful and my friend loved it.

Beef tenderloin on a homemade potato chip – Ok, here’s every guys dream meal: meat and potatoes, even if it’s presented as a delicate crispy homemade potato or waffle fry with thinly sliced beef tenderloin and a Cajun remoulade, it’s still meat and potatoes! Give me more, keep comin’ my way, as you can’t just have one.

Chicken taquitos with a pablano aioli – Not completely understanding what this Mexican delight I was about to put in my mouth after dipping it into what looked like pale green soup, I said was so happy I took the risk. It was wonderful, zesty without being over powered my spices. So I had a few more, ok, I had three more!

Swordfish skewers and a Japanese citrus dipping sauce – Simple, fresh, perfectly cooked, love the citrus aspect of this combo.

Mini Chicken Pot Pies – Just like Mom makes! These tiny pastry cups were bursting with homemade flavor just like Mom makes. I could just smell the roasted chicken in the oven and combo of vegetables and cream inside this mini miracle. What a treat!

At some point, I may have flagged down a wait staff to refreshen my drink, I was indulging more than I had expected to that night. Thank goodness, I didn’t have dinner plans. I kept thinking, please don’t let take me out of here in a wheel barrel because I can’t stop myself from eating all these amazing, delicious, creative hors d’oeuvres!

You should have seen me, asking the staff all these questions while inhaling the appetizer, then writing the answer down in my little notebook before the next platter arrived in front of me. Of course, then I needed to alternate these questions with taking pictures. I was so proud of myself not to be noticed in this sea of summer visitors.  

Now if you ever have the opportunity to be invited to any event where A Taste of Nantucket is Catering, you have won the golden ticket!

Ratings: Service – 5 dishes, Food – 5 dishes

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