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Island Kitchen Restaurant in Nantucket, MA

Island Kitchen-- Dishin' It Out

1--They're open all year long!  It was February and everyone and their dog was on vacation that week, thus the lack of open restaurants, so we were thrilled to know that Island Kitchen was up and running. The wait staff were happy when my friends and I inhabited their establishment the other night.

2--The food! I have had breakfast and lunch at Island Kitchen many times and enjoyed it immensely, so I was looking forward to dinner. Although the selection at dinner is limited, with four appetizers, three salads and four entrees, the entrées on offer were excellent.  My friend’s burger was perfect in size and flavor and cooked exactly as she wanted.  The spinach salads were great, as well as the chicken liver starter and the onion soup.  (I might suggest adding some comfort food to the winter menu, though.  I’m sure the chef’s meatloaf would be spectacular).


1--Ambiance:  how about some candles or lighting on the tables? Let's set a welcoming atmosphere for evening dining.

2--Service:  We were greeted by a smiling gentleman who gave us a great table and then handed us menus. His attitude was cheerful and put us in a good frame of mind, but then he only filled two of our three water glasses!  One of my pet peeves with wait staff is that they haven’t been trained properly. Hasn’t anyone told them that you are supposed to wait until every customer at the table is done before removing the entrée plate? If you remove one plate the other guests feel either rushed to complete their meal or stop eating because someone is hovering over them waiting to remove their plate.  A no-no in the food and beverage customer service business, but one that’s super-easy to fix.


It's sad but true that even a family-friendly restaurant on Nantucket is pricey.  Can’t escape the fact of the high cost of keeping the place open all year and not just taking advantage of the profitable summer months, leaving the community high and dry in the winter.  Kudos to Island Kitchen for being a welcoming and contributing member of the community all year long.


Food:  (5/5)

Service:  (3/5)

Price:  (3/5)

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