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The Cucumber Craze!

The Island's Cucumber Cocktails

Nantucket summer has officially arrived. Main Street is full of people, old and new restaurants are opening their doors, the scent of the Juice Bar’s waffle cones is wafting down Broad Street, and a refreshing cool drink is starting to sound quite nice. When the sun is setting and the ocean breeze has cooled off the island, one of my favorite things to do is to grab a refreshingly cocktail with friends. For a long time my go to drink has been Effen Cucumber Vodka, soda water, muddled cucumber, and a lemon/lime to top it off. I realized this year I’m not the only one who has jumped on “The Cucumber Cocktail” bandwagon. Specialty cocktails containing cucumber-based alcohol, as well as fresh cucumber have popped up all over the place. I still prefer my standby drink, but the island’s bars do offer a few good cucumber creations. I haven’t yet been able to try all of these but for any of you out there that have, please feel free to give your reviews. Did I miss any other amazing cucumber creations on the island? Perhaps you have another Nantucket specialty cocktail that’s your go-to drink. Secrets are no fun so go ahead and share your own creations and favorites, with all of us!

Corazon Del Mar:
Holly Golightly- Herradura Antiguo Blanco, Cucumber, Fresh lime, Agave Nectar

The Pearl:
Cucumber Smash- Muddled Cucumber + Lime, Cachaca Simple Syrup, On The Rocks

The Boarding House:
Cucumber Gimlet- Bulldog Gin, Lime, Fresh Dill, Muddled Cucumber + Celery

Oran Mor:
Gin Mist- Death’s Door Gin, Muddled Cucumber, Mint, Lime, Soda

Empire Cocktail- Hendricks Gin, Simple Syrup, Fresh Cucumber, Basil, Fresh Lime Juice

Fifty-Six Union:
Effen Delicious- Effen Cucumber, Fresh Citrus, Raspberries, Maschio Prosecco

Crucomber- Zubrovska Vodka, Lemon, Cucumber and Lemon Balm