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Oran Mor's Cranberry Posset

An All Local Dinner

This has been a banner autumn for dining out.  Restaurant week was spectacular, with a few people who felt they owed us for some favor (and who am I to argue?) treating us to delightful meals at venues where we don’t normally get to go.  House guests were reason enough to go out another time and I was feeling very grateful for all the opportunities. And then I saw a post from Sustainable Nantucket that there were only a few tickets left for their Nantucket Farm Grown Dinner at Oran Mor.  A quick text to the hubby and a few mouse clicks later, and the tickets were purchased.  I had tried twice during the summer to get reservations at Oran Mor and was disappointed that they were completely booked a full week in advance both times, so we were already looking forward to the meal. 

The Nantucket Farm Grown Dinner is designed to feature locally grown, locally caught and locally produced foods and Chris Freeman and his crew certainly did it justice.  Nantucket’s local fare just cannot be beat.  The first course was beautiful plump Pocomo Meadow oysters provided by Steve Bender. Four more courses included beets from Moor’s End Farm, fingerling radishes from Pumpkin Pond Farm, Lightship Scallops, Boatyard Farm pumpkin puree, Oran Mor pancetta and Tasso ham, monkfish from The Ruthie B, blue potatoes and cauliflower from Bartlett’s Farm, and a posset made from Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s Windswept Bog cranberries.

If you are like me, you may have heard of a posset, but you’re not entirely sure what it is.  A posset was a drink that was popular from medieval times til the 19th century.  Originally it was hot milk curdled with ale or wine. Eww. It was used for medicinal purposes, so thankfully it has morphed into a dessert that resembles mousse. Only better. Oran Mor’s cranberry version was the perfect ending to the meal. With a texture like mousse and a luscious mouthfeel like Crème Brulee, it was scrumptious. Two hazelnut-cranberry biscotti were the perfect accompaniment.

Sustainable Nantucket's Farm Grown Dinners are held four times each fall and there are two left in 2014.  The next one is at the Seagrille on November 17th and the final one for the year is December 15th at Pi Pizzeria. I highly recommend that you try at least one.  The high quality, locally sourced and produced meals represent the culmination of the hard work of Nantucket’s farmers, fishermen, and food producers. Go to Sustainable Nantucket to get your tickets.