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May I please have S’More?!

smores over the fire
roasting smores

It’s the simple things in life, so the expression goes, but something I often forget...

It has been a season of memorable bites at our marvelous restaurants, from hamachi at the Wauwinet to congee at The Pearl, but just when I thought I couldn’t be dazzled, I happened upon the Nantucket Hotel.  If you haven’t been there, you must--at a minimum to see the lovely resurrection and renovation of the former Point Breeze/Gordon Folger hotel.  It was a quick job--January purchase > June opening, but it is very attractive in a comfortable, yachty way.  And that pool!  It certainly seems to be done well and run well; the staff from top-down are super friendly and go out of their way.  Don’t miss the vintage Nantucket photos down the long hallway--they are priceless!

Now, about the dazzling part.  There is a fantastic little deck behind the Breeze Bar & Cafe that has two large square fire tables and comfy sofas to lounge upon.  It is pleasant--and novel--enough to enjoy a glass of wine outside in late-October, but what is really nifty is to roast your own s’mores.  For $8/person, you get all the fixins to make your gooey marshmallow treat plus a mug of cider or hot chocolate, lunch or dinner.  How cool is that?!  If you desire a liquid dessert, try a Heathbar martini.

Speaking of cool, those heat lamps can only do so much--bundle up.

PS  Ask about the special off-season rate for Nantucketers and plan a stay-cation--it's practically free!


Breeze Bar & Cafe

Nantucket Hotel

77 Easton Street

(508) 228-4747


Missy Holden's picture

I had no idea about this!... definitely a good addition to the island in my eyes!