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Baked Goods by Bartlett’s

Bartlett’s Farm Market is open daily 8-6.  I learned this from their website when I recently needed to feed a cookbook author house guest and I was at their door at 8:05 that Sunday morning.  Thankfully, there were few customers there to see me in my velour loungewear and the genial young man behind the counter boxed up my homemade treats and sent me on my way in no time.  It was all I could do to resist sneaking a hand into the bag while driving home, as the aromas of temptation persistently teased my nose.  How lovely it was to finally unfold the packages of baked goodness on my kitchen counter and even more beautiful to take a bite of...a savory cheesy veggie croissant (spinach/sundried tomato/feta/cheddar/parm...), a traditional ham & swiss croissant, a warm and oozing chocolate croissant, sugar-crusted pistachio and blueberry muffins, and, perhaps best of all, a coconut fig scone.

It is my strong opinion that baked goods must be incredibly awesome to even possibly merit consumption, given the calories they confer.  Fortunately (or otherwise, depending on how you view it), these were largely worth it.  The scone was as light and moist as a scone can be--almost un-scone-like, given how many bad ones dominate the market.  It was not very coconut-y or obviously figgy, but the subtle flavors added up to a great sum of deliciousness beyond its parts.  The croissants, well, they’re homemade.  And by someone who is almost sadistically fond of butter.  I heard they also had some creme-filled ones in the kitchen...The pistachio muffin, once you get past the fashionably neon green color, tasted of real pistachios, not pistachio oil or flavoring.  It too was, moist in a less than common way.  The blueberry muffin was oddly spiced and I’ve never believed a ham & swiss was worth the weight gain, but overall, the goods were tasty.

My culinary friend was most pleased; it’s nice to know I can leave breakfast to Bartlett’s.

Filled Croissants, $3.75
Muffin, $2.75
Scone, $2.75