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<a href="" target="_blank" class="ext">Daffodil Festival 2013 - Nantucket</a>" by William DeSousa-Mauk via <a href="" target="_blank" class="ext">Massachusetts Office of Travel &amp; Tourism</a> / <a href="" target="_blank" class="ext">CC BY-ND 2.0</a>

Daffy Matters!

This is the 42nd year that the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce has produced the Daffodil Festival.   It’s the first celebration of Nantucket after the winter season and it’s a riot.  A riot of color, a riot of activity, a riot of fun.  And, we need it after the grey months of the first third of the calendar year.

Nantucket Daffodil Festival Events

Everyone knows the unique events that make-up the celebration of all things Daffodil:  Antique Car Parade, Picnic in Sconset, Dog Parade, Daffy Hat Parade, Children’s Parade, and the Family Picnic at Children’s Beach.  There are sales in the stores and deals in the restaurants.  The Chamber Events Committee recruits nearly three dozen volunteers to make sure that cars are lined up and parked correctly, people stay out of the dog’s parade route, Daffy Hats are judged, and there’s abundant entertainment at the Family Picnic.  Oh, and to sell the Chamber’s Daffy merchandise.  The enamel pins and yellow commemorative hats sell quickly. 

Each year, the Chamber introduces a new element to the programming.  Sometimes, we drop something from the list and other years we add a new opportunity.  For 2016, we’re offering a raffle for a weekend on Nantucket in summer 2016 including gift certificates for lodging, restaurants, transportation, and admission to cultural sites.  There will be two winners, so call the office NOW to get your tickets and claim your chance.

Memories at the Daffodil Festival

Bragging rights aside for the great event it is, the Chamber’s Daffodil Festival is one of my favorite days of the year.  It may be THE favorite.  Why?  Because my first Daffodil Weekend occurred just one week after I had moved to the island.  I remember going downtown and seeing the elaborate decorations on the cars, the costumes and hats on the people, the daffodil-draped dogs, and the crowds everywhere bedecked in yellow and green.  My first thought was, “Where am I?” (I thought I had been transported to the campus of a very preppy college in New Hampshire.)   That quickly turned to, “Wow!  Does this place have personality!”  Ten years later, I am still waking up before dawn on Daffodil Saturday, eager to get going with the fun and the party. 

And, of course, there’s that whole thing about the Daffodil flower and Mrs. MacAusland and the Nantucket Garden Club’s Daffodil show.  Don’t miss that either!  Talk to one of the judges (they come here from all over the country to judge this premier Daffodil Show.)  You’ll learn more about the biology and structure of a Daffodil than you ever imagined. 

Happy Daffy!