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A CVS to help homogenize Nantucket

So we look like the rest of the world

Is this how we want Main Street, Nantucket to look?  Let's just start with a CVS down at the harbor, okay?  And then maybe allow a few curb cuts for driveways on Martin's Lane, right?  After all, we all want cheap drugs and we all drive cars, right?

Greg Hinson, MD has started a MoveOn petition to dissuade Winthrop from this disastrous lease deal.  Here's the link:

If you Tweet, use #NoCVSonACK to head your tweet, and include the URL above to spread word about the petition and this travesty.

Or else let's just get ready to be like Cape Cod, only poorer.  After all, can you see why anyone would come out here, at great expense, and stay here, at great expense, just to see a CVS greet them as they get off the boat?  I can't.

The end of Nantucket as a unique American place.  The beginning of Nantucket as just another American place, only way more expensive to visit.

Photo credit:  Greg Hinson, MD


 It is vital to protect Nantucket's hostorical charm by preventing a major company such as CVS to move in to the former Grand Union building owned by Winthrop. This idea is bad for several reason for instance the harm it could do to locally independently owned pharmacies on island with an unfair comptetive advantage. Money should not trump laws against chain stores. The need clearly is for a grocery store as it was that will serve the island community and allow competition downtown. I hope our leaders in town will fight against this horrible idea from Winthrop. United we must stand together to protect the island's future.

I agree completely.  Local pharmacies, local toy stores, local sellers of sundries, all will suffer from CVS' presence on-island.

But even more important, the entire reason people visit Nantucket is the ABSENCE of those chain stores that litter the mainland, and, indeed, the whole world.  So EVERYONE's livelihood out here is threatened if we become just like the mainland.

Please help spread the word and sign the petition at and if you use Twitter, use #NoCVSonACK to spread the word even further.