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Sand Castle for rent


Memories to Last ....

Nantucket Island is a blend of simplicity and luxury ... depending on the traveler you can choose what suits your dream vacation. 

During families hectic everyday schedules, one can forget to slow down and recharge ...  one way is to travel to a special place where the environment leaves you in awe and wonder.   A destination where you will leave all worries behind ...  think and feel like a child again.  

A good reminder is in a little book I just read, "LIFE's Little Instruction Book"   ... #255 on the list:  "Take family vacations whether you can afford them or not. The memories will be priceless"   ....  

I hope you find the link" below, to an island waterfront rustic cottage, an example of simple pleasures,  memories waiting to be made:

Betsy Holden/Realtor- Coffin Real Estate, One Orange Street, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

[email protected]           508-325-2640-cell