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Benefits of Peer Group Advisory Boards

Peer Advisory Boards...A Growing Trend

A leader no longer has to go it alone!  Peer Advisory Groups are cropping up across the nation as an opportunity for key leaders to engage in rich dialogue, address current business challenges together, ask each other the "tough" business questions and, as a group, investigate better business solutions.

The concept is, surprisingly, not a new one.  Formally introduced in the early 1900's by Napoleon Hill in his timeless business classic "Think And Grow Rich,"  he described the principle as follows:  "the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."  He continues:  "No two minds ever come together without creating a third, intangible force."    

Today, Peer Advisory Boards offer business owners and their senior leadership the opportunity to work with other key executives across industries as equals, with the primary goal of meeting difficult challenges and setting their course for the future.

Would you benefit from:

  • Being asked the tough questions and receiving counsel from fellow key leaders who have not vested interest in the outcome?
  • Sharing common challenges when it comes to building and growing your company?
  • Building meaningful relationships with other business leaders and learning from one another?

When peers work  together, the results can exceed even the highest expectations.  The Nantucket Chamber of Commerce is in the process of starting a Peer Advisory Group, to be moderated by Marsha Egan of Egan Group, Inc. Please call the Chamber at 508-228-3643 if you're interested .


Love this idea and would love to attend one.  Thanks, Marsha!