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Our First Anniversary!

One year in the life of

Anniversaries.  Momentous days, marking the times of our lives.  Red letter days.  It’s the first anniversary of, and thanks to our dedicated writers, bloggers, opinionators and fans we have been thrilled to look back over the first year of island insights.  It’s sensational --there’s no other word.  The variety, richness, depth, breadth and passion behind our contributors’ posts cannot be overstated.  (And of course we need to acknowledge the talented programmers at Sandstone Media who made it all happen with ease and grace, and Barbara Gookin, whose graphic design skills are peerless).

Come walk through the year with us, beginning with our launch last Memorial Day:

SUMMER— We all know what we face in the summer.  We paused a minute, just a minute, to read MJ Mojer’s memories of Memorial Days of her childhood on-island, but soon it was a frantic time, busy time, happy time, when we barely surfaced to acknowledge friends in the frenzy to help our summer visitors enjoy their vacations.  We were a fledgling website, but Dorothy Stover and her mother, Catherine Flanagan Stover offered advice of all kinds, as “Ask Eeny,” from whether we should spend so much time on Facebook to dealing with a spouse's ex on a small island.  We went shopping, of course at Cheryl Fudge (our shopper is very young) and Murray’s and Ocean Treasure.  We met new friends (Cate Raphael) and learned more about them and how they got here.  We admired new ventures (Constance McDonough Thayer) and serial entrepreneurs (Gene Mahon).  Missy Holden tasted drinks made from cucumbers and Beth English had strong feelings about rose wines.  Peter Brace debated whether Nantucket was becoming a police state over Fourth of July weekend, but we also interviewed chefs and learned about lobster mac-n-cheese.  We thought about autistic children in a new way, thanks to Bob Barsanti.  While we enjoyed the outdoors, Ema Hudson helped us protect our pets out on the water.  We enjoyed the phosphorescence while it was here and looked at our garden spiders with new respect thanks to Hilary Newell.  Ryder Ziebarth helped us remember summers past and Bob Barsanti saw this summer end.

FALL— The season changed and brought weddings and house maintenance.  Rachel Dowling thought about the price women pay for staying home with their children, our canine correspondent talked about walking at Tupancy, and we tried our first excursion into the world of yoga.  Bob Barsanti made us realize it was really fall at last, which means putting the garden to bed and watching out for hunters.  Dorothy Stover reported about organized relief efforts for those more seriously injured by Hurricane Sandy than we were.  As things slowed down some of us took up knitting, thanks to Natalie Barrett Gonzalez, and others learned about wine-related antiques from Jack Fritsch.  We ran photo contests, thanks to Alyssa Corry, and, finally, the Nantucket Chronicle Marketplace went live!

WINTER— made us think about cooking, so we held cook-offs each month at Mitchell’s Book Corner, hosted by Nantucket Foodie with great prizes from island merchants.  Our readers brought in scallops, cranberries, chili and, just in time for Valentine’s Day, chocolate treats.  Not to mention the home-made hot fudge recipe Hilary supplied from her grandmother’s recipe box.  We walked outdoors with Peter Brace; Ryder told us about her passion for Nantucket baskets, and Bob wrote painfully about domestic violence and beautifully about island winters.  But we worried too about our pets over the holidays and in cold weather, and Kate Hamilton remembered childhood New Years' holidays while we decided how to celebrate this new “New Year’s on Nantucket” idea.  We lost a well-loved islander, Flint Ranney, and remembered him well.  Some of us travelled off-island and sent back reports:  Beth from San Sebastian, Spain, and Brian Pfeiffer from Paris.  There was horrific winter weather, which we captured in photos and videos, and the Living Lab students arrived from UMass Boston and spent their winter/spring semester with us.  We read a lot of books, and Mitchell’s gave us an end-of-year roundup about the books their staff enjoyed the most.  And of course winter brings new parenting issues, which Rachel described with an acute eye.  Hilary explored winter flowers, but finally we started thinking about spring, with seed catalogs and hope.

SPRING— A late arrival of spring to be sure, but it arrived nonetheless.  We took on yoga as a serious pursuit with Joann Burnham’s new column, and we added business advice with lots of help from Marsha Egan.  We expanded non-profit coverage from the Community Foundation and enhanced our arts and entertainment with Josh Gray.  We heard about what Scott Capizzo hopes to achieve with a video camera and Tom Fusaro at his restaurant, and how the ponds were opened for an exchange with the sea.  Rachel dealt with playground conflicts and Peter thought about how quickly the island would sink into the sea. We added real estate coverage in greater depth through Carl Lindvall and Betsy Holden, although Rob Ranney always gives us the long view.  Alyssa Corry supervised some wonderful Business Scavenger Hunts--do YOU know where this picture was taken? to bring out the expert Nantucketers among us.  Dorothy advised on relationships, telling us which eight things we must do before getting engaged and questioning whether we need someone to fight for our love.  Leah Mojer started her journey as a wine expert and invited us along.  And as Memorial Day approached, Peter reminded us of environmentally safe refuse disposal on the water, and Bob observed the decline of one local tradition.

So here we are, at our one-year anniversary. All of the first year stories, comments, photos and videos are archived for your continuous review and we look forward to adding more.

Tell us what you think, what you’d like to see more of, what we could do better.  Email Georgia Raysman at [email protected] or Barbara Gookin at [email protected] is a community website, by Nantucketers and for Nantucketers, so let us hear from you!


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YAY!! Congrats Georgia and all my fellow bloggers, this has been a unique and rewarding experience and I am glad to be part of the team.