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What's In Store? at The Haul Over

Today I will be telling you about the Haul Over.  This amazing store has so much to offer.

The first items I fell for are the comfy canvas shoes by Toms.  The Haul Over offers shoes by this brand for men and women as well as infants and children.  The brand’s motto is “One for One”, which comes from the fact that every time a customer buys a pair of shoes a pair is given to a child in need.  Isn’t that a great idea?  All in all this is a very good brand and their shoes are quite comfortable.  I even bought a pair for myself. ($40-$70).   For more info check out Toms website:

Another great item The Haul Over offers are the Patagonia jackets.  The two newest ones in the store are the fleece Span-Ts, perfect for cool days or sitting at home relaxing, and the Adze, which are windproof jackets good for walking or biking.  Both these jackets come in nice spring/summer colors perfect for this season. (Snap-T $119, Adze $139)

Finally, take a look at the handmade belts made by summer resident Tom Harty.  The brand name is Windward and they are made right here on the Island. These belts come in many bright and dark colors--perfect for any time of year.  The belts have a canvas back and a sail cloth front. Really useful.  ($42)

The Haul Over is a year-round store, open seven days a week until 7 pm most nights.  Feel free to stop by any time of the year, but especially now with their great new summer stock.

Haul Over Nantucket, 7 Salem Street, Nantucket MA 02554  Tel:  508-228-9010


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Love the Haul Over and they also carry waterproof electronic cases, perfect for the beach!!