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White Heron Kickstarts Candida

If asked this summer “what do you do here in the winter?,” former selectman Michael Kopko has an answer sure to surprise many who have difficulty imagining the island in the off season. Along with director Lynne Bolton, Kopko brought a fully realized, professional production of George Bernard Shaw’s Candida to Bennett Hall.  In January. January.

Bolton and Kopko co-Artistic Direct the New York-based White Heron Theater Company, which in conjunction with Theatre Workshop of Nantucket, created something new out of something over one hundred years old. Nantucket’s winter population shrugged off the cold and dark and came out in numbers.

The motivating force behind White Heron is the desire to re-imagine classics. To breathe new life into them. To find something new and relevant to contemporary audiences. If the delighted laughter the production elicited in January is any measure, White Heron is succeeding in its mission.

By way of background, Bolton is a member of the Board of Advisors of the Yale Drama School and the Yale Repertory Theatre. She has served on an advisory panel of the National Endowment for the Arts and is a member of the Advisory Board of the New York City Ballet. She is the director of TWN’s current production Time Stands Still —running at Centre Stage through this Saturday, June 23.

Kopko is a long time resident of Nantucket, a working musician, and has been involved in theatre for over 30 years. Of White Heron he says, “This work is what I have wanted to be doing for my whole life. And now I'm doing it.”

White Heron is now in the process of taking what began in January on Centre St. to Scotland in August. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest performing arts festival in the world and White Heron plans to bring Candida there. Kopko says, "To our delight, and I may say, a little surprise, we were selected to perform at the top theatre venue at the festival, a 275 seat theatre in the heart of the Fringe."

The company is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to go to Edinburgh. is an online fundraising platform. Started just four years ago, it has revolutionized one of the most difficult aspects of creative projects. Proposed projects no longer need rely solely on grants or big backers. Rather, funding can now be crowdsourced.

Jeff Tocci, of NCTV, the island’s new community television station created White Heron’s Kickstarter video. The campaign and the video can be seen at
Did you see Candida in January? What did you think?


[Photo: Lynne Bolton as Candida.]


Great plan!  Contribute via the Kickstarter link and let's get them on their way!

I wanted to take the time to clear up a few factual errors in your story on White Heron's effort to take Candida to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

First, White Heron is based on Nantucket, primary and in New York secondarily. We would not want people to pass on the chance to support the theater company thinking that is as not a local organization.

Second, the Kickstarter video was shot by the amazing Lisa Frey and edited by the equally amazing Jeff Tocci (on his own personal time, not as a part of NCTV). I served as art director and creative director on the project.

Third, the link to the Kickstarter page you supplied is broken. The correct url is:

We have, as of this writing, raised over $19,000 and have 13 days to meet our goal of $29,000. Every little bit of support helps!

Thanks for spreading the word!

— Grant Sanders
A friend of White Heron Theatre Company

Grant, thanks for catching the broken link and the errors.