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How To Go To a Concert

Nantucket Style

How to go to a concert if you live in America:

Step 1: Buy tickets.
Step 2: Drive (or subway) to the venue.
Step 3: Rock.
Step 4: Drive home.
Step 5: Fall into bed once the adrenaline wears off.

How to go to a concert if you live on Nantucket:

Step 1: Buy tickets.
Step 2: Reserve space on the fast ferry.
Step 3: Reserve rental car.
Step 4: Book hotel room (alternately: impose on obliging friends/relatives for a place to stay).
Step 5: Buy Cisco Brewers gift box to bring your host.
Step 6: Buy Nantucket Yoga Room swag for same.
Step 7: Pack.
Step 8: Get on the boat.
Step 9: Pick up rental car.
Step 10: Roam madly around Hyannis like people who’ve never before seen discount retailers.
Step 11: Drive to the venue.
Step 12: Rock.
Step 13: Try not to wake anyone upon returning late to your poor host’s house.
Step 14: Next morning, drive back to Hyannis.
Step 15: Two words: Trader Joe’s.
Step 16: Return rental car.
Step 17: Back on the boat.
Step 18: Stagger home exhausted but happy, and loaded down with spoils of Hyannis melee.

Anyone else going to see Radiohead at Great Woods Tuesday night?
Now that it is summer concert season, which shows will you take the eighteen steps to see?


[Image: still from Lotus Flower video]


Very cute, Kate.  My daughter wants to know where Great Woods is.....  she's preparing for steps 1 - 18!

Kate Splaine's picture


Great Woods is in Mansfield, MA between here and Boston. 


Party on,


OH! So true.. but SO worth it! Nothing like getting off the rock to enjoy a concert! Heard on the new radio station WACK 97.7 that you were attending Radiohead tomorrow Kate!!! Have a great time, they rock!!