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Town of Nantucket

Welcome to Nantucket Chronicle

a website for Nantucketers and by Nantucketers

Georgia Raysman, founder and publisher
Barbara Gookin, Creative Director

About Us--it's our fourth anniversary!

Nantucket Chronicle is the place where people who love Nantucket can hang out, find out what interesting things are happening, and discover stuff they never knew about the island. It's all here: our colorful history, shopping, restaurant finds, events, food, gardens, the state of the harbor, housing, wellness, advice, photo contests, news about people and pets, and conversation in "Nantucket Insiders" ...all in one place for you to enjoy and chat about. There's new stuff all the time.  Talk back to our writers--they're waiting to hear what you think.

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All of the departments are fun to explore and we are eager to hear what you think. Let's start the conversation!  Although we may differ in many ways, the one thing we have in common is our love for Nantucket. So join us on the Main Street bench: sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy ...watching the pass.

About our Contributors

Nantucket Chronicle Captains are a diverse group of writers who contribute content here on a regular basis. Each is "Captain" of their own department and has the freedom to post whatever they feel will be of interest to readers. They are excited to share their love of Nantucket in this project and always appreciate hearing comments from you, our users and readers.

How We're Like a Whale Ship

Remember those 19th-Century whale ships?  Someone owned the ship, equipped and staffed it with Captains, Mates and Seamen, and they all shared in the revenue that resulted once they rendered that whale blubber into valuable whale oil.  In the same way, all revenue received into, after paying ongoing expenses and a small reserve, is distributable to Chronicle Captains.  This will help ensure that remains a community-based website --by Nantucketers, for Nantucketers.


Revenue is derived from advertising and Nantucket Local Favorites. Our ad manager, Carson Orellana, Jr., is out and around Nantucket businesses all the time, but if he hasn't contacted you yet feel free to email him at [email protected].  Since we started at Memorial Day 2012 over 210,000 unique visitors have seen our website, looking at over 615,000 pages. Or, help YOUR local business stand out on our user-rated Nantucket Local Favorites directory please contact Carson at [email protected].

Our Captains are energetic and enthusiastic about this website, as are our many readers. We hope you enjoy it too--and let us hear from you!


GEORGIA RAYSMAN, Nantucket Chronicle founder, is a long-time 'Sconseter with one life in New York but her heart on Nantucket. After a career as a Wall Street lawyer, Georgia “retired” to raise her children and has since been active on-island in many ways.  She wrote the Saving ‘Sconset brochure introducing the concept of preservation easements, and served as Board Member, President and Chairman of the Nantucket Preservation Trust.  An early tech adapter and a Facebook fan, the idea of came to her in the spring of 2012.  With the invaluable help of Barbara Gookin and the extraordinary group of writers who have agreed to “Captain” its departments, she was able to create a site that will be an essential part of every Nantucketer’s online experience.  

BARBARA GOOKIN, Nantucket Chronicle's Creative Director, became a year-round Nantucketer over twenty years ago and never looked back. With a background in publishing, and winner of numerous national design awards, Barbara has lent her skills to Nantucket Magazine, The I&M, Nantucket Independent, Yesterday's Island and NMagazine. She founded BGAdvertising in 2001 and has recently authored and designed Harvesting Nantucket, The Taste of Bartlett's Ocean View Farm. She has served many local businesses as advertising consultant and is committed to sustaining the year-round community. Barbara has served on the Nantucket Cultural Council, Theatre Workshop, Rotary Club (president), Energy Study Committee(chairman), Sewer Advisory Committee and was appointed founding commissioner of the Cape Cod & Islands Commission on the Status of Women. She has contributed to Nantucket's Mid-Island Area Plan, Comprehensive Plan and Master Plan. 

CHRONICLE CAPTAINS are profiled on their own page, but here’s a quick run-down:

Marsha Egan, a well-known business coach and management consultant, has joined us to write her Business Builder column in the Commerce harbor.  Check in often for her good advice!

Dorothy Stover, a Wellness co-Captain who writes the ever popular sex and love advice column FreakyFriday, is also a native whose interests lie in “lazy personal training”—a great style!  She is joined by Joann Burnham, a certified yoga instructor and founder of the Nantucket Yoga Festival.

Dishin' It Out is our anonymous restaurant and dining reviewer.  Read real reviews from our non-advertising-influenced writer with a real personality!

Peter Brace needs no introduction to anyone who cares about Nantucket’s outdoor experience.  Author of Walking Nantucket and the soon-to-be-published book Nantucket:  A Natural History, he is the primary Captain of Soundings, covering everything from shellfish in Madaket harbor to walking trails on the Middle Moors.

Melanie Gowen is our Commerce Captain.  An interior designer and branding specialist, Melanie writes What's In Store as well as a new design and lifestyle column.

Kenneth Turner Blackshaw, noted island birder, is a Soundings Captain who's been fascinated by avian behavior since childhood and shares that passion with us regularly.

Stephanie Henke is Captain of People and Pets.  Stephanie is a member of the board of Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals and a passionate advocate for island pets.

Hilary Newell, a long-ago washashore, has been an integral part of Bartlett’s Farm for over 27 years.  A self-described plant geek, her passion for island gardening and cooking make her an ideal Home and Garden Captain.

Sherry LeFevre, who teaches writing at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, has been a Nantucketer since childhood and her passion for preservation is displayed in her columns, called Wise Old House.

Betsy Pascarelli is a cartoonist whose eye for Nantucketers' charms and foibles is evident in every cartoon.

Rob Ranney, despite being born in California, emigrated to Nantucket as a child and has lived here ever since.  He's established his name in real estate, both the selling and the appraisal ends, and has a huge knowledge of that field as it works on Nantucket.

Tom Ayars, a preservation-minded builder, helps Nantucket homeowners restore their buildings in the best, and greenest way--by using what's there.

Jascin Leonardo Finger, an historian now working at the Maria Mitchell Association, is passionately interested in Nantucket history, especially that of our intrepid women.  In her column, The Nation of Nantucket, she tells you about everyday people and places to enhance your experience of Nantucket.

Sarah Trainor Bois is a naturalist at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation with a deep interest in science education for lay people.

John Cox Merson, an author and movie enthusiast, reviews new and old movies when he's not writing, building or appearing at the Nantucket Book Festival! 

Reema Sherry, a long-time and popular journalist on-island, has revived her column 'Round the Point here online.  Her take on everyday Nantucket experience is unique, graceful and energetic.

Patricia Jones, a retired teacher and administrator, writes Throwing Paint, about reinventing her life in retirement on Nantucket year-round, and helps us see the island through the eyes of a newcomer, too.

And finally, meet Rob Smith, a young Nantucket native with a true talent for portrait photography.  His Nantucket Portraits--Humans of Nantucket column will introduce us to the wide variety of Nantucketers we see every day, and let us share in our mutual hopes and concerns and lives.

So there’s the crew—now come join us on the voyage! Just hit the "subscribe" button on the home page and you'll receive our weekly update on new writing from Nantucket's best writers.


Congratulations to Georgia, Barbara and all the Chronicle Captains for a great new website!

THANKS! And congrats to ALL of the wonderful contributors. Georgia had the inspiration, we set up the venue,  and this diverse group of Nantucketers is bringing it to life. Its already so exciting to see it grow by leaps and bounds every day. SO much more to come. The possibilities really are endless.

Iam glad to be a new member of

Thanks!  we're glad to have you aboard.  Please let us know what you like, what you don't like, what we could do better.  

Georgia, for the NantucketChronicle Team

Congratulations Georgia on a wonderfully executed new vehicle for keepiong us connected to the Island we love.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in Sconset soon!


Thank you, Betsy!  Delighted you've joined us here.