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The Good House

The Good House

quick review by Cristina Macchiavelle

Ann Leary

Review of The Good House by Ann Leary,  a very very enjoyable book.  (By the way, author Ann Leary, the wife of actor Dennis Leary, will be joining us at The Nantucket Book Festival this year.)

The book is narrated by Hildy Good, one of my favorite characters in quite a few books. She is a very successful realtor in a  wealthy town in Boston's North Shore, she is also a divorced mother of two grown daughters, a descendant of one of the witches hung in Salem and a raging alcoholic who thinks nothing of having a few glasses of wine in her own home after a stint at the rehab Hazelden set up by her daughters.

Though dealing with the very serious subject of addiction, Ann Leary has created such a likeable character in Hildy, who is also struggling with accepting her age, her failed marriage, the possibility of a new romance with an old love and of course her total denial over her drinking.

I loved and highly recommend this book especially living here on Nantucket which is so similar in so many ways to the town and community Ann Leary describes in her new novel.

The Good House is available at Bookworks, but as of today there's only one copy left, so hurry over and get it!  Or if you prefer, buy the audiobook from  Listen to an excerpt, provided below, thanks to Macmillan publishers, as read by Mary Beth Hurt, a perfect embodiment of the narrator, Hildy Good. 


I am LOVING this book!  lots of it resonates on Nantucket.  Read it!