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The Last Dahlias of the Season

Purple Dahlias

Several months ago on this site I wrote about Dahlia Love. That love has not diminished this season! These very satisfying garden flowers have performed amazingly well this year, and we just picked the last of them.  Karma Dahlias are real workhorses in the garden, blooming all summer and well into the fall.  We are in the thick of ordering plants for spring planting, and we plan on putting more of these beauties in our own garden, and using them for cut flowers at Bartlett’s.  The bunch with the autumn colors has brightened my table for over about 10 days so far, and they still look fantastic.  The white is Karma Maarten Zwan, the gold is Karma Gold, and the deep orange is Karma Fiesta.  In the purple bunch, the deepest blue-purple is Karma Lagoon, the light pink is Karma Amanda and the white is Maarten Zwan.  You can look online for mail order sources, but if you’d rather keep it local, these will be available for purchase as young plants in the springtime. 

Dahlias are unbeatable in the garden, and for fall color, there is no substitute.


Hilary-- do these need to be dug up or can they be mulched and overwintered outside here?

Hilary Newell's picture

Georgia, the jury is still out on that one.  One friend swears by the 'hat' method - that is inverting a plastic pot over the cut-back plant and holding it in place with a few stakes. Another friend left them all alone last year and 50% came back, while 50% didn't. Yet another used the 'hat' method on half her dahlias, and half of the covered ones came back, while half of the uncovered ones come back.  With milder winters, I will take my chances and leave them in, but cover them with about 6" of pine needles for insulation against the freeze-thaw temperatures.