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Apple Cider Donuts

Recent events have found me in Amherst, MA two times in the last three weeks, and before I travelled each time, several friends said "You HAVE to go to Atkins Farm to get some apple cider donuts."  I am generally not a big donut fan, though I do enjoy a good Downeyflake donut from time to time.  But these apple cider donuts?  They're like Christmas - they only show up once a year - and they should be enjoyed fully while they are available. And Atkins Farm does them right. Made daily, you can get them plain or with cinnamon sugar.  Bags of 6 are on the shelf, and by the end of they day, they are nearly gone. Pete and I sat outside and munched some lunch and finished up with a donut (or two) before the yellow jackets chased us away. 

A few weeks ago, my travels took me further north and I landed in a Stonewall Kitchen store where I found a mix for baking these donuts, though I didn't have time to make them before this most recent trip. That activity is on my list for sometime in the next week, and in the meantime, I found several recipes on line that sound very doable.  I plan on trying this one from the food network after that.



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I think Downyflake should take up the tradition of Apple Cider Donuts during the month of October, then we can enjoy these treats without leaving the island - yum!!