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The Island Fair

By Sunday, everyone will know that my Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread is the best on the island. And we’ll also know who has grown the biggest pumpkin, the best tomato, the most delicious pickles and jams.

There will also be a corn husking contest, pet shows, presentations on invasive plant series and water quality,, and a skillet toss. A falconer, Mark Rindel, will be walking around, as well as a whittler Tristan Marks, and a chainsaw artist, Jeremy Norwood.

It’s time for the Nantucket Island Fair. The fair has been run by a group of dedicated volunteers for the last couple of years. Organizing it all is a lot of work. Check out their website at for the schedule.

Now, if only I’d bought chocolate chips.


ADDENDUM: 16 September 2012

Before I left the house on the way to take my chocolate chip zucchini bread to the Fair, I reached into the fridge to get a water bottle. When I saw the pickles I had put up in there, I picked a jar up.

Well, I did not win anything with my chocolate chip zucchini bread. A crying shame, that.

But my bread and butter pickels won a blue ribbon.



I'll be looking for your chocolate chip zucchini bread, Georgen.  And I love Tristan Marks' work!.  Jeremy Norwood is a new one, and I've never seen a skillet toss, so....  Thanks for the update.