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What's In Store? at Ocean Treasure

If you’re a fan of sea glass then you will love the store I write about today.  Located right in town is Ocean Treasure, a wonderful little store with handmade jewelry and art.  Most of the items found here are made of sea glass that Tatiana Smalovschi, the lady who owns the store finds on Nantucket beaches or that her friends in Maine or England send her.  Each piece is unique and original and you can’t find anything quite like it anywhere else.  The owner herself is very friendly and loves to tell you about each kind of glass and how she makes her pieces.

Two of the most popular items in Ocean Treasure are the charm and sea glass necklaces and the Nantucket and sea glass necklaces.  The charms all represent different things involving the ocean such as lighthouses and sea horses.  As for the Nantucket necklaces, the own brands each piece of metal herself with an image of the island. (Charm Necklaces $105, Nantucket Necklaces $115-$155)

Another really nice piece you can find here are the rings.  Each ring uses sea glass or gem stone, sometimes even both.  There are rings with just an individual piece of glass or a flower made of gems.  There are also rings with pearls.  ($35-$65)

One item that uses sea glass and pearls are the lovely earrings.  These come in various sizes, shapes, and colors.  They are great for everyday use or can be the perfect gift.  ($65)

The owner/artist also makes wonderful sea glass bracelets in greens or blues.  These are perfect for anyone and can be worn any time of day or to any event.  It even has a nice easy clasp.  ($125)

One of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry at Ocean Treasure are the crouched bracelets.  Each one is hand woven using gold wire, gems, and pearls.  They are stunning and everyone will want to know where you got it.  ($200-$400)

Another very unique and fun item you can purchase are the sea glass paintings.  The owner has made mermaids, whales, and outlines of Nantucket Island using only sea glass.  Each piece of glass is carefully placed on the canvas and makes a beautiful image.  ($400-$600)

Ocean Treasure, 5 Washington Street, Nantucket 02554 Tel:  5808-228-1161 or 774-236-9394.  Open daily 10 - 5 and Sundays 11 - 4.  Find Ocean Treasure on Facebook, too.


Alyssa K. Corry's picture

I can attest that I purchased an amazing pearl ring handmade by Tatiana for an extremely reasonable price!  She's great!