Brian R. Pfeiffer

The Slightly Rocky Road to India

Chers Amis,
Who could have imagined that travel to India would require a visa? Well, yes, I grant you that “anyone who would take the time to read” is a tiresomely parental answer, but aside from that outdated lot, who else could have imagined that American wallets are not free to roam the globe at will?


Chers Amis,

Having spent much of yesterday receiving congratulations – « félicitations » in French – in the form of handshakes and kisses on both cheeks, I thought I should share the general French jubilation at Obama’s re-election with all of you who were brave enough to weather the strident campaign at home.  In my cowardice, I fled to Paris where political beliefs may be intensely held but never get in the way of living the good life.  The French are a bit more mercurial and less sanctimonious than we tend to be.