Southern Comfort

Suzannah Smith Miles, a native South Carolinian historian with long heritage in the state, writes for the Moultrie News on issues affecting Charleston, SC and its neighboring islands.  So many of those issues mirror our experience on Nantucket that we thought it would be fun to invite her to join us on occasion.

Suzannah Smith Miles

Letter from Nantucket

1848 Letter from a resident of Charleston, SC, to its newspaper, The Courier, about the island of Nantucket

Sharks, here and there, then and now

With the recent news reports of the Great White shark named Mary Lee prowling our offshore waters, I thought a revival of this column about some “historic” shark attacks was merited. (Mary Lee, a female great white shark who is sixteen feet long and weighs 3456 pounds, has been tracked off the coast of South Carolina regularly since Ocearch started following her in September.  Prior to that she was tracked around Nantucket.  To follow Mary Lee's travels, go here.)