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Nantucket Guest Book

Guest Book Entry

Following are two guest book entries from a stay in a Nantucket home one recent October:

Nantucket Guest Book,  Sept. 24 – Oct.1,  2011 (first entry)

Dear Kathleen,

The weather could not have been better, even though there were dire predictions before we left Colorado.

What is it about Nantucket that keeps nagging at your soul and urging you to come back again and again?

Clean air and good water is a given. The ocean and beaches are a plus. Add to that all the colorful people we meet and get to know, from Cristina at the Bookworks, to the Ukrainian waiter at the Brotherhood of Thieves, to Diana at the Provision, to Mr. Beckwith in the Whaling Museum and Mr. Gardner at the Police ‘mansion”.

Nantucket is the kind of place where people mellow out and enjoy the island with all their senses.

Your house was comfy-cozy as always!! It really does feel like home. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and hard work to keep this house such a wonderful refuge.



And the next entry, from Marika's daughter, gives a fuller picture of their stay:

Nantucket Guest Book,  Sept. 24 – Oct.1,  2011 (second entry)

Dear Kathleen,

It has been four years since my mother’s last visit here to Glennamaddy; this year I was fortunate to be able to accompany her for my first visit to Nantucket. Over the years my mother, father, sister and nephew have all had a taste of this enchanted place, now I have! And what a time we had!!

If you ever have a chance to meet my mother you’ll agree she is quite a riot! I call her the ex-intravert. She claims she was shy once, but don’t believe it. She makes friends with anyone and everyone – I’ll give you a glimpse into our stay…

Day 1 – Among other sights, we visit the Old Mill. While I mill around, my mother befriends the old miller.

Day 2 – We sip Whale’s Tale Pale Ale while we sail with Captain Jim on the Endeaver. My mother invites first mate, Mike, to visit her in Colorado.

Day 3 – We peruse the Bookworks book shop. My mother can be found laughing up front with Cristina and Suzanne. Meanwhile outside, unbeknownst to us……….

Day 4 – 2:00 PM sharp we find ourselves finagling out of the previous day’s parking ticket received in front of the above mentioned bookshop. My mother and police officer Jack Gardner end up sharing stories and laughing about how he met his wife. We are invited to come and visit him the next time we are in ACK.

Day 5 – was an extra-extroverted day as we not only banter with the Whaling Museum Essex storyteller Dick Beckwith, but my mother gets the chef at the Provisions to give her the rosemary-onion bagel recipe to us, and we get three jokes out of the stern-faced checkout clerk at the Grand Union Market.

Day 6 – We are educated by marine biologist Mr. Esterbrook when my mother insists that we knock on the door at the scallop growing station at Brant Point.

Day 7 – is our last day, but no doubt we’ll not end our day before my mother has become pen-pals with the pilot!

So many laughs – so many memories – such good times!

Thank you! – Christy