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December at The Brotherhood

Nantucket Brotherhood of Thieves

Have you ever dreamed about spending Christmas somewhere different, other than being cocooned at home? It would have to be a special place. It would have to be some place magical, where your life would be reshaped for a few days, and where you could renounce your customary holiday just once, in return for a lasting memory. I’m thinking of a place like Nantucket, where you would be charmed by its relaxed tempo of life, and embraced by its peaceful winter solitude.  

Here's a “Nantucket in winter” theme and wove the details for an island dream.

The low-pitched sound of a distant foghorn was the harbinger of the rapidly approaching winter storm.  By the time we piled on all the cold-weather garb we possessed, and set out to meet our friends at the Brotherhood of Thieves – an ancient whaling bar on the island – the temperature dropped below zero. The icy December wind froze our cheeks and turned us into icicles. Somewhere a screen door was banging against the side of a house as we stumbled through the tavern’s heavy door. The darkness of the rustic room was welcoming. We were ushered to our requested corner table, where our friends spotted us as soon as they arrived. Every time another guest shuffled in, the cold rush of air made the lights from the candles dance on the ceiling. Warmth emanating from the fireplace, just out of site, not only thawed us, but the resinous pine scent permeating the place put us in the Christmas mood. My fingers caressed the smooth, cool surface of the ebony table and felt comforted by it. The low hum of voices filled our cozy room with soothing sound. Occasional laughter could be heard now and then, as sustenance was delivered to hungry guests. A whiff of spicy aroma drifted in the air. The bouquet of the wine offered for tasting was redolent of violets. We clicked our glasses and toasted absent friends and fond memories. The silky elixir lingered on our lips and we fell under the spell of the moment. The old pub lived up to its nostalgic sign, dangling outside in the wind: “Good Food - Good Drink - Good Company”. We let the storm rage outside; we were warm in the company of our friends. 

Marika Ujvari, a writer living in Windsor, Colorado, is a frequent visitor to Nantucket.