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Scott Capizzo-- A Passion for Nantucket

Scott Capizzo

Scott Capizzo, a lifelong Nantucketer, is one of its greatest boosters. Although he’s seen many changes in his 40-something years his passion for Nantucket and its scenery, people and culture still animates his life and work.

Growing up the son of Vito Capizzo, the beloved high school football coach of forty-five years, was “challenging,” Scott says. Having that bullet-proof persona allowed him the license to do things other kids couldn’t but it came at the cost of not being able to get away with even the smallest infraction, anywhere, on this small island where everyone revered his dad. But experience has also taught Scott the worth of Vito’s strong values, and now he himself acts informally as a mentor and “coach” to island kids going through stages in their lives.

After college in Colorado, Scott learned the trades on Nantucket: carpenter and electrician are how he has made his living. But videography is his passion-- maybe starting from an early visit to the Boston Museum of Science, when he read a teleprompter with such stage presence that his mother, Barbara Capizzo, a noted Nantucket painter, wondered if broadcasting would be his career. Scott clearly enjoyed being the center of attention and being on stage.

During those post-college years Scott worked with local videographer Geno Geng, who taught him the ropes and helped him get started in the field, encouraging him to get some formal training. Scott went south to Florida to do that, attending Genius DV training center .
With the advent of PlumTV in the early 2000s Scott saw an opportunity. He started in minor jobs but soon was doing on-air local sports coverage for Plum.

Of course Scott then and now has great access to sports stories, knowing the players and coaches as well as he does. He has a great way with people and a real knack for bringing out their best performance. After PlumTV he used those talents to create a local TV sports show, in which he asked high school players to show him how to play their game and then was filmed attempting to do so. The Capizzo Show, featuring island children and their talents, attracted much local advertising and led to other videography opportunities for Scott, who by then was determined to be a professional videographer.

Finally, in 2007, having invested years of his savings in updated equipment, Scott and one cameraman took a five-week 5,000-mile road trip across America, from Boston to Hollywood, via New York, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Indianapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Arizona and Las Vegas. Along the way he interviewed a Native American for a local tv show in Flagstaff (“you can’t do a road trip across country about American people without covering the original American people”) as well as celebrities such as radio announcer Danny Bonaduce, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Corrola and comedian Norm MacDonald. On the west coast he interviewed celebrities at Paramount Studios in Hollywood during the writers’ strike. Thinking back on the trip, Scott says “when I go on these little adventures, stories just unfold in front of me.”

The cross-country segments were broadcast on Nantucket’s local TV station, Channel 17, and gave Scott the confidence to continue expanding his videography capabilities to business commercials, special events, private parties and weddings as well as such unusual jobs as videotaping the building of the new yacht club from beginning to end. Recently he completed an extensive video of the Hispanic music community in Boston and Florida, produced for the benefit of Surfside Production. As he says, “I live, eat, breath and sleep this stuff.”

Scott’s formal training as well as his deep local knowledge set him apart from other island videographers. In addition to such technical and production issues as lighting and editing, Scott has a talent for telling a story, drawing a person’s best talent to the foreground, knowing the best scenic background and music to accompany that story and bringing out the unique capabilities of the person or event he’s filming. Now he uses those talents to tell the story of Nantucket as it is today.

When mansions stand where Scott used to throw pebbles in the ocean it would be easy to become bitter, angry or envious. Instead Scott is deeply happy that he lives here, in this exquisitely beautiful isolated place, and wants to give back to it whenever and however he can. He views life here as analogous to someone who rents out their gorgeous residence for July and August: you receive enough money to live and enjoy it the rest of the year, and it’s yours.

In living here himself, making his way economically and telling the stories of the people and places of Nantucket as it is today, Scott embodies the most enduring values of Vito himself and of Nantucket: a small town and a great place to live.

Scott Capizzo will be a featured videographer for in the near future.  His video website will be live soon.