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Cookie Cravings

Marisa Holden’s nickname is  “Missy,” but if that suggests to you a quiet, retiring southern girl you’d be completely wrong.  Missy Holden is a bubbly, out-going Nantucketer, with hard work as important to her as having fun.

Missy, age 22, graduated from Suffolk University last Sunday, but she’s no stranger to the work world.  Starting as young as 5 years old running lemonade stands with her father, Thomas Holden, she was making up to $50 a day! During high school summers she worked at Murray’s Toggery as a sales agent, helped with various event’s for Fun Clowns N’ Co. (a children’s event entertainment business) located on Cape Cod, as well various other small gigs such as child care. Last summer she started a baking company, Missy’s Minis, selling her tiny delectable cookies and brownies all 10 varieties, at venues all over the island, delivering to individuals lucky enough to know about them through her various modes of social media: website/Facebook page/Twitter feed. She also delivered to Nantucket Seafoods, in order to stock their shelves’ full of  “Minis” on a weekly basis.

In the fall Missy came home weekends to her Massachusetts-licensed kitchen to fill her online orders from places as far away as California.  This summer she’ll move into high gear, baking her Crazy Ciscos, Dionis Delights, Sentimental Sconsets, Way-Out Wauwinets, and Nantucket Native cookies/brownies several times weekly, while holding down a full-time job at Core on North Beach Street.

Not to mention that she has signed on to NantucketChronicle, as co-Captain of Dining with her friend Beth English.

So where does Missy get this drive?  She credits her mom, Betsy Holden, with instilling in her a belief that she could do anything she wanted, but Missy’s determination is inborn.  We’re looking for Missy to go on to great things as one of Nantucket’s youngest entrepreneurs!  

Contact Missy at [email protected];; and Twitter @MissysMinis


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Missy Minis are so tasty! It's wonderful that they are mini treats. I love being able to eat a little bit of everything...Missy in person is just as adorable as her treats. So proud of this Nantucketer!

These cookies are scrumptious. End of story. Well, almost the end. Because the Nantucket Natives, the brownies, are heavenly.