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It's Clean Out Your Inbox Week - Here are 10 Tips to Help!

To kick off "Clean Out Your Inbox Week" January 25 - January 29, we offer these 10 tips to help you get to "zero" by the end of this week!

1.  Create e-folders to hold action items - avoid using your inbox as a "to do" list
2.  Rename received e-mails so that you can search them more effectively
3.  Return e-mail requests with phone calls
4.  Avoid the tendency to "work" newly received e-mails if they are less important than your current project
5.  Open your e-mail with the intention of sorting your new items, rather than "knocking the easy ones off"
6.  Sort your e-mail in order from top to bottom or bottom to top - avoid scrolling
7.  Copy only the people who REALLY need to see your message
8.  Use "if/then" verbiage.  e.g. "Please e-mail me if you haven't received the package" rather than "Did you receive the pkg?"
9.  Turn off automatic send/receive and turn off all dings and flashes.  Open your e-mail when it is right for YOU
10. Send less e-mail.  The more e-mail you send, the more e-mail you'll get!

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