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Learn to Fail

"Failures" Could Be Your Best Friend

Failure is such a harsh word.

It is a downer. A label. "He's a business failure." OUCH!

C'mon folks... failures are simply mistakes. Mistakes teach us. Mistakes are better learning experiences than successes. They are harder to ignore.

I believe that it is our mistakes that allow us to grow. And probably faster than not making mistakes.

The trick about finding value in mistakes (aka "failures") is to be sure to learn the lesson. Every mistake, every failure has a lesson built into it. Every time something goes glitchy, there is a nugget of wisdom that just presented itself to you. Your challenge is to find that nugget, and figure out what to do, or not do differently, the next time.

And "next time" is key. Make sure there IS a next time. Many who fail, or make mistakes, give up. By continuing, you've just become stronger and wiser.

...AND more successful.

By learning to fail, you'll learn to win.


Marsha Egan, PCC, CSP, a Nantucket resident, is an executive coach and professional speaker who loves to help others get what they want faster, more effectively, and with more fun. for inspirational tips!