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E-Hoarding Hurts

What is Worse Than Clutter? E-Clutter

Information has never been easier to acquire. Emails fly across the world in milliseconds. The average worker fields over a hundred of emails every day, and you say e-hoarding is healthy? Is clutter healthy?

E-clutter, which results from e-hoarding, is costly, both mentally and monetarily. We have the same capacity to digest information as our forefathers, but the amount of information zinging its way into our lives is increasing exponentially.

Whether we are 30 miles out to sea, or in mainstream America, the internet highway's potential to bmbard us is the same.

According to the latest research, information overload costs the U.S. economy a minimum of $900 billion per year in lowered employee productivity and reduced innovation. It adds time to normal tasks, impedes productivity, and creates stress.

It is not surprising to note that employees spend half their day on email and other “necessary, but unproductive tasks” such as filtering and searching for information. Trying to remember where we filed an item or what it was titled and rummaging through our inboxes like we’re after the Holy Grail strips hours from each day.

Similarly, the stress that goes with having to scavenge through thousands of pieces of information, hoping that you’ve responded to all the email and social media messages, can be overwhelming!

Here’s what it all comes down to: the more you save, the more you have to sift through. The less everything is organized, the more time you’ll waste and the more stressed you’ll become.

One of my mantras: Delete voraciously!

And whatever you decide with each email, DECIDE. Don't delay the decision. You really don't want to have to decide again tomorrow,do you?

Organize your e-clutter, trash stuff you don’t need, and free yourself to work on what truly matters.


Marsha Egan is CEO of, and author of “Inbox Detox and The Habit of Email Excellence” (Acanthus, 2009) And for more tips, visit

And the international Clean Out Your Inbox Week starts next week. How about planning for an empty inbox by the end of that week?