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Worrying is NOT Watering

The hectic Nantucket summer season is coming to a close, and as vacations end, I heard this story and want to share it with you.

It started out with a strange comment that I heard -- "worrying is not watering," It piqued my curiosity... What does THAT mean?

The story is that after a family left for their two week vacation to Nantucket, they realized that they had not watered their indoor plants, nor made arrangements for them to be watered.


So, as some of us might do, this couple worried each day - "will the plants make it?" "will we have to replace all those plants that we tended to so caringly?"

They talked about it so much, that it actually affected the joy they expected to have on their vacation. They worried - would the plants be alive when they returned? They talked about it on the beach. They thought about it when they saw the beautiful window boxes on Main Street. They were near obsessive about it.

This is where the comment comes in - "Worrying is NOT Watering"

All the worrying in the world will not water those plants. Simple as that.

So many times we worry about something rather than acting on it, don't we? Whether it is the house plants, your health, your children, or your job, worrying is a useless drain on your emotions.

Instead, do one of two things:

  • Do something about it (if you can)
  • Let it go (ala Dorothy Stover's great Freaky Friday post on the subject)

The better response: In the house plant scenario, call someone and have them water the plants, or just let go whether those house plants live or die. Stop cluttering your brain with emotional thoughts that accomplish nothing but adding stress to your life.

That's why "Worrying is NOT Watering"

What think?


Marsha Egan lives on Nantucket and loves coaching entrepreneurs and go getters to achieve their personal and professional dreams.