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Empty paper and unsharpened pencil

Why do it Today? Procrastinate!

7 Tips to Help You "Get Going!"

Everyone procrastinates. Let's just try to procrastinate less.

I'm getting ready for my final Coaching at The Corner discussion, and we're going to help the participants with this challenge. In the mean time, here are some tips:

1. Stop thinking about how large or complex a task is. Instead, start with just one part of the task. And try to find the small task that opens the door for more progress.

2. Try the five minute push. Take that task that you've been putting off, and give yourself only 5 minutes on it. You'll be surprised with how that might get you started.

3. Create public accountability. Announce to your team, your spouse, your co-workers your deadline or your time bound goal.

4. Pay attention to your energy cycles. Instead of fighting yourself, use your peak energy or peak creative times to tackle the project.

5. Stop waiting for the perfect time. There may never be a perfect time, so the best time is either start or give it up completely. Your energy cycles happen every day, so grab the best time and "go!"

6. Give up the fear. Sometimes, inaction is because of some small or large fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection... you name it. Face the fear, then move on.

7. Bag it. Some things just don't need to be done. Take them off your list. Let it go. Do something else that you enjoy or that is more productive.

What tips have worked for you? Share, here - this is a great topic! Or, join us Thursday at Mitchells!